Friday, August 5, 2011

Me vs. the Post Office

I got lectured last week by the post office lady about the bumpiness of the party invitations my daughter and I made for her birthday party. It is really hard to make a card without adding texture of some kind, I discovered.

My church gives the Meals on Wheels recipients a set of cards, a book of stamps, and a pen for their birthdays. I would really like to contribute to this, but giving them cards that won't go through the post office due to the piles of embellishments is not an option. I spent the afternoon playing with some stamps I bought a while ago and attempting to diminish my paper hoard while still making CAS cards that will have no problem at the post office.

And I got to play in the Unity Monthly Challenge- it's like two birds, one stone, all the way around!


Charity said...

Your cards are beautiful. I love the simplicity, especially the upper right birthday card. Thanks for sharing.

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