Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Teacher Gifts

It's been two months since my last post, and the last time I had time to get crafty. The time has flown by, but I miss my crafty stuff.

In the last two months, I found a job IN MY FIELD where it's okay that I haven't finished my Master's yet AND it's part-time so I can still chase my kids around. Job opportunities like this hardly ever happen, so I feel so very blessed. I also finished two more classes towards said Master's degree that I signed up for before the job opportunity presented itself. For Christmas, I asked for a few more hours in the day!

Now, I'm done with the semester both at work and at my school, I only have 3 more classes and a research project to do, kids' activities are taking a Christmas break, so I have time to cook dinner AND get crafty!

Instead of giving gift cards in Christmas cards this year, we are giving them along with a little tree:

I found the tutorial here and added my own touches.

I used a book from my library's last weeding project. Can't beat free! I inked the edges of two of the trees, then embossed the pages for more texture and also found that there is less need for spacers that way.

On the third tree, I inked the edges after embossing so the embossing shows up better. Out of the three, this is my favorite. On all three, I added half-pearls and metal thingies for ornaments. I also added a star to cover the center stick.
Merry Christmas!