Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, I've finally done it. Finally figured out which order the PTI impression plates go in to work without breaking something. I kind of wish some of these more high-maintenance dies and plates would come with fool-proof instructions.

This week's Make it Monday is stamping on texture. For me, it took finding the right balance of detail to open space. My nephew's 10th birthday is coming up, and I thought that the alphabet impression plate would work- not too babyish, but still kid-like.

Also, I needed a flatty since he lives far, far away from here.

This one is because I had two bases made, I don't really like orange, and it's handy to have an extra birthday card ready to go. And I was having fun playing with my new knowledge :)


Suzanne Russell said...

This is a fun technique to play around with, isn't it? I love orange so these really caught my eye. I think your nephew will be very pleased. :)

Helen F. said...

Two great cards for birthdays at any age! Think you are on to something, having cards ahead of when you need them (instead of waiting for the last minute~like me:)

angelabranon said...

I love the numbers superimposed on the embossed background. A great look.

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